Measurement Canada Write-in Campaign nears its Deadline

Measurement Canada Write-in Campaign nears its Deadline

With our first Scale Model Tesla Awarded for the BC write-in campaign regarding “Right to Charge”, it’s time to turn our attention to the 2nd Campaign launched back in June to bring some logic and consistency to the costs paid by drivers for EV charging.

And you could once again win you a 1:18 scale model of an electric vehicle (Value over $300) simply by sending a bcc or cc of your email to on or before August 31, 2020.

Canada-Wide email write in for fair EV charging fees

Current and prospective EV owners across Canada can be charged north of $1 per kWh for charging at Level 2 AC and DC fast chargers because Measurement Canada does not allow EV charging by the kWh.

Nobody wants this condition, not suppliers, not OEMs and certainly not consumers,  yet the bureaucracy in Ottawa (Measurement Canada) is not willing to mitigate this condition by allowing per kWh fees as they do in Europe and parts of the USA.

We are now down to the only way of addressing this issue is for EV owners to email their local MP and the Cabinet Minister responsible for Measurement Canada to get action on this issue.

5 minutes will make a big difference for fair charging fees for EVs

Via email to your Member of Parliament

You can find the email address for your MP here: 

Simply search by entering your Postal Code.

Dear (your MP’s name here)

Re: Please help remove (at zero taxpayer cost) a cross-Canada obstacle to EV purchasing that is resulting in overcharging for electricity for current electric vehicle owners

In your own words, (the more original and personal the better) state why EV owners should have a right to charge their EV in multi-family buildings and why it is important for BC (e.g. environment, improve health supports BC economy)

  • I should not have to pay electric vehicle charging on a time basis and get significantly (unfairly) overcharged because I drive a different EV _____ or it is colder outside or _______
  • [your own personal experience with Strata/Condo, Public or DCFC (fast charger) fees]
  • Why does Measurement Canada insist on this antiquated way of charging fees when other countries allow per kWh fees?
  • Other countries are not waiting for years to solve this problem and already allow the same equipment that we have here in Canada to charge by the kWh
  • The Government has acknowledged that there is a climate emergency and we are trying to get more EVs on the road. Why is the Government working against itself by not already have solved this problem? California, Norway, Netherland, German, France and the EU have already solved this problem. Why haven’t we?

The backgrounder on fair per kWh Fees for EV owners is full of information  for your information and why this issue is so important Link to the “Deregulating EV Charging Devices” Page C.

cc  The Hon. Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry The Hon. Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Environment & Climate Change  The Hon. Seamus O’Regan, Minister of Natural Resources The Hon. Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport  The Hon. Bruce Ralston, Minister of Energy Mines & Petroleum Resources, British Columbia Diane Alan, President, Measurement Canada


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Consider asking your friends and family that support EVs to visit the Victoria EV Club website and consider emailing their MPs asking for their support for fair per kWh fees for EV charging  #FairFeesforEVs

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