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Massive Canadian Electric Truck Purchase

Massive Canadian Electric Truck Purchase

From the moment a rollercoaster reaches the top of its initial climb, the so-called “Tipping Point”, it simply does nothing but go faster and faster.  And it would appear that point has arrived for the final stage of electrifying modern transportation — heavy trucks.

A couple of weeks ago, Fedex acknowledged that by year’s end its fleet will include several hundred of GM’s EV600. All-electric Rivians, Hummers and F-150’s are already rolling off their separate assembly lines as Quebec’s Lion electric announced a new order for 300 BEV School Buses.

But the largest order of heavy BEV vehicles was announced this week by Mississauga, Ontario’s Pride Group Enterprises. Already committed to purchasing 150 Tesla Semi’s, the truck sales and rental company has now ordered 6,320 Workhorse last mile delivery vans.

The company simultaneously announced the construction of its own charging network, which, instead of just being an array of charge stations, will be something truckers are more familiar with, the multi-amenity, full service truck stop.

Details here (courtesy Electric Autonomy Canada) : https://electricautonomy.ca/2021/02/01/pride-enterprises-electric-trucks/