Let’s Take Back Canada’s Flag

Let’s Take Back Canada’s Flag

Electric Vehicle Owners Are Taking Back Canada’s Flag.

With Canada Day approaching and many Canadians feeling that flying the Canadian flag has become synonymous with anti-social behavior, the Victoria Electric Vehicle Association has announced that electric vehicles will be leading the way to “Recapture the Flag.”

Beginning June 23, 2022, more than 2000 VicEVA members will proudly take to the streets on Vancouver Island with Canadian flags displayed on their vehicles to celebrate Canada Day.

We do this because our flag is not the exclusive property of those who burn diesel fuel or belch smoke from their exhaust pipes! It belongs to all of us. And those who have already made a commitment to a cleaner, better future feel we need to take the lead in recapturing our flag!

It is hoped that seeing electric vehicles displaying Canadian flags will give every Canadian the confidence to proudly fly a flag on Canada Day, knowing it does not automatically suggest they are part of some specific group.

We are recapturing the Canadian flag. And we hope other Canadians will join us because we are flying it to Canada Day – and beyond.