It’s Time To Join Charge BC

It’s Time To Join Charge BC

You can now help British Columbia prepare for a future with more electric vehicles on our roads by providing insight into EV charging.

By assisting BC Hydro in understanding when and where EVs charge, and how much energy is consumed, you’ll help to ensure that British Columbia is ready for a plug-in future.

Simply sign in here to get the FleetCarma C2, an EV plug-in device that talks to your vehicle to understand its energy consumption and state-of-charge. This data is made available to you, the vehicle owner, via online dashboards. Working with BC Hydro and the Government of B.C., FleetCarma will combine your always anonymous data with all other participants in the program to get a better understanding of the impact of EV charging on the grid.

Participation is easy, fast, and it pays.

Track your stats. Download your driving data. See how much auxiliary power usage, such as heating, cooling and radio, has on your battery. Learn how outside temperature affects your driving range. See if there’s any battery degradation.

You’re eligible for this program if you live in B.C. and own or lease either a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle or battery electric vehicle.

Please join today.