How many EVs — Exactly..?

How many EVs — Exactly..?

It’s always been difficult for the VEVC to determine exactly how many EV enthusiasts we reach let alone represent. Most often we go by our email list (currently numbering 875) but even that doesn’t tell us how many drivers each email reaches or how many electric cars they and their significant others or family are driving.

We hear a lot of percentages. What part of cars on the road, new vehicle sales or specific models are made up of Battery Electric cars. It all gets very confusing.

But we knew that as the Province’s sole automobile insurer, ICBC would have not only an exact number but could tell us where those cars were located. But they weren’t talking — not even to local municipalities.

So a Freedom of Information was made on our behalf and we finally have the numbers. They are listed below. A Stat Monkey’s dream come true. We hope they make the picture clearer for us all.