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Lt Governor at Planet Festival for Sustainability

Lt Governor at Planet Festival for Sustainability

The Honourable Judith Guichon, Lt. Governor of BC attends Sustainability Festival


VEVC President Fred Wisseman (with hat) and BC Lt Gov in front of gas-powered government car. Image courtest of Creatively United for the Planet.
VEVC President Fred Wissemann (with hat) and BC Lt Gov Judith Guichon (green scarf) in front of gas-powered government car. Images courtesy of Creatively United for the Planet.

The 5th annual Creatively United for the Planet Festival had their Sustainability Showcase last weekend at Oak Bay Secondary with a vast display of electric cars, living simply workshops, renewable energy and more.  What a great honour to be invited and to have my picture taken (see above) with our Lt. Governor Judith Guichon.

Maybe our BC Government should provide her with an all-electric Tesla Model S so she may reflect the spirit of Planet United and our effort towards sustainable energy.

One cannot miss this pair of large tail pipes — not what this planet needs! Does our dear Premier Christy Clarke not drive the same kind of car? I think, we might be able to get a fleet price to save tax payers some money in gas and maintenance savings and help meet our Paris ZEV agreement. :) ( Should be moved to 2025; if Holland can do it, so can we!)

Jim Hindson (green jacket), VEVC Secretary-Treasurer with his blue all electric Kia Soul EV, and Arno Keinonen, VEVC VP’s all electric Tesla Model S.

This is what I am talking about. Let’s stop the hot air exhaust from our leaders and convert into some sustainable way of transportation. :) Above, Jim Hindson, our secretary treasurer discusses his blue Kia Soul EV and Arno Keinonen, VEVC VP ‘s Tesla Model S.

Jim Hindson, VEVC Secretary-Treasurer discusses his all-electric Kia Soul EV.

The Kia Soul EV has been one of our show’s favourite cars. People really like this type of vehicle.

Front entrance of Royal Bay Secondary School at the United Festival for the Planet. A Nissan LEAF is on display with its front charge port open. Photo courtesy of Creatively United for the Planet.

The all-electric Nissan LEAF is what most people are actually buying. The LEAF is the most affordable 100% electric car on the market today. Expired LEAF leases enable dealers to literally bring them in by the truck load. Campus Nissan, Motorize and Auto Check, togetherhave a total of about 40 LEAFs to choose from. These car dealers are enabling the transition to sustainable transportation. Car dealers  will soon realize the butter on their bread is electric!

Lawrence Surges, VEVC Member

Laurence Surges, VEVC and emotive member, standing at attention ready for customers. Laurence will also be in our Victoria Day Parade with his blue all electric Mitsubishi MiEV (not shown.) He just loves his MiEV and is always happy to show it. VEVC members at our booth, in the background, are busy signing up new members. Two of them are condo developers designing solar-powered homes offering free LEAFs and 2 charging stations. As VEVC members they will receive 25% off solar systems. That is, if they do it themselves.

Judith Cullington, VEVC Member.  Fred Wissemann, VEVC President in background (with hat).

Judith Cullington, VEVC and Westshore Chamber of Commerce member coordinated a great electric car show.  The show inspired 20 new members to join our VEVC. Judith embraces one of Creatively United volunteers. Thanks Judith and all VEVC Members for a job well done.

Huge thanks for your support this weekend at the Creatively United event. I think we did well – lots of good conversations and interest!
— Judith Cullington, VEVC Member