Electric Vehicles


Gibson story 2014 005

By Manfred Wissemann

BC’s beautiful HUB city of Nanaimo is a must for every tourist to our heavenly Vancouver Island. A must stop for every 100% electric car, EVS or van on a road trip from Victoria.
You never know who you might run into at a public charging station.
This time it was ” Buddy Boyd founder of Gibson’s Recycling Depot via EVS ”
Waving at me as I was phoning Fast charger headquarters to get authorization for an 80%
fill up.

Gibson story 2014 004

Buddy, a fellow EV advocate, soon started to fill me in on how he saved an old ladies live, that could not get up. This happened on one of their routine pick ups. Not so routine this time the lady would have died, if Buddy’s team did not spot her. Looking out for customers is considered part of Gibson’s Recycling Depot’s public service.

Buddy takes great pride in his green contribution: “I do this all with two Ford Transit Connect Electric Vans now no longer available” Buddy sadly pointed out.
An other GM example of ” Who Killed The Electric Car” Shame on you Ford!

Zero Waste Canada, ZWIA & Nanaimo Locals

Buddy was in Nanaimo,busy arranging for a conference: “On how a fleet of small electric
vans can do the job of recycling pick ups more efficiently and for much less cost than a quarter million dollar heavy duty recycling truck.”

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