Fuel Economy Tips/Charging Tips/Lower rates

The VLC promotes 100% electric cars only. Your best guide on fuel economy tips (EV owners call it “Energy Economy”) tips come from your users manual of your electric car. Your LEAF will tell you specifically what your bad driving habits are and tell you how to increase your energy economy. Select energy economy from your menu.
Frequent charging, especially fast charging has shown to degrade the battery. Fast charge only if you absolutely have too. Charge when down to about 30%, top up to 80% only. Just set your timer to accomplish that if your EV does not provide the 80% option. Good idea to charge at night in order to lower your load around dinner time. VLC is working on getting a lower rate from BC Hydro for night charging. Providing lower rates for night charging will encourage the use of electricity when there is least demand on power.

A special thanks to Terrance Berscheid for turning up these fuel economy tips suggestions