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Ford Announces 300 Mile EV Mustang

Ford Announces 300 Mile EV Mustang

Emerging from a year long re-staffing of its executive suite, Ford held a special event in late March for automotive journalists it dubbed the “Ford Uncovered Future Product Forum”.

In addition to confirming the soon-to-be-released Mustang Hybrid—and upcoming hybrid versions of the Lincoln Aviator and Ford Explorer, the company now intends to being an all-electric Mustang to the Market within the next 18 months.

Darren Palmer, product development director for BEVs at Ford, says their next electric vehicle will be a performance-themed SUV, inspired by Mustang, adding that the new EV, like the classic Mustang will be sexy. “It’s got power, but it’s more what it makes you feel like. It’s the emotion”.

“The forefront in our mind is bringing this to a greater number of people,” said Palmer. “First it’s aspirational, you want it; second, ‘Wow, I can afford that if I want it!’” It will land in a market spot that up until now has lacked electric vehicles that are aspirational, he said, which again parallels the Mustang.