Federal Budget Offers EV Support

Federal Budget Offers EV Support

Canada’s Federal Budget took its first tentative steps to supporting the transition to electric vehicles in this week’s budget allocating $435 Million over the next five years to cleaner transportation options.

$300 Million of that total will be in the form of a $5,000 rebate for the purchase of a new electric vehicle under a maximum retail price of $45,000.

A further $130 Million over the next five years is earmarked for new recharging and refueling (ie: Hydrogen) stations “in workplaces, public parking lots, commercial and multi-unit residential buildings and remote locations”.

The balance will go to a program to work with auto manufacturers to secure voluntary zero emission sales targets.

As usual, how all this will work is still to be revealed as “program details will follow”. And therefore the response of the EV Community has been muted.

Many are concerned that the low retail price will not support most long-range models currently available and none of the SUV, truck and heavy vehicle models expected to hit the market during the five years of the program.

There is also concern over how much of the infrastructure investment will be allotted to Hydrogen refueling, as the cost of a single Hydrogen station is equivalent to up to 20 fast chargers.

Official responses from EV organizers across the country are expected shortly.