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EVs Wow 60,000 In Victoria

EVs Wow 60,000 In Victoria

Brightly decorated in LED lights, a convoy of electric cars from the VEVC drew cheers from 60,000 spectators in downtown Victoria last Saturday night. Accompanied by Victoria Royals mascot, “Marty the Marmot” joining us to promote February’s club sponsored ECO-Night, our members clearly delighted kids and adults alike on a perfect Winter night.

More than a million viewers worldwide also got the chance to see the parade via a Facebook Live stream, prompting several to visit this web page and join our email list.

You can watch video of the parade here. We roll in at the 35:20 mark.

And right below we’ve got some great shots of participating members courtesy Arno Keinonen. Many thanks to everyone who helped out in making the night a huge success.