EVs Rally at BC Legislature

EVs Rally at BC Legislature

During the noon hour on Monday, EV clubs from around province joined members of the Victoria EV Association at the BC Legislature to urge the government to enhance the province’s ZEV mandate.

More than 150 members and 88 cars fully encircled the legislative in a constantly moving convoy displaying BC’s quiet and clean future.

Those rallying were asking the province for three amendments to the current legislation:

1.     Targeting 100% zero-emission new car sales by no later than 2035

The Province of British Columbia passed theZero-Emission Vehicles Act (ZEV Act) on May 30, 2019.  The ZEV Act requires: 10% of new light-duty vehicle sales by 2025, 30% by 2030, and 100% by 2040 to be Zero-Emission Vehicles.

As the 10% Zero-Emission Vehicle sales target has been met five years early, we are asking the BC Government move the government target of achieving 100% sales of Zero-Emission Vehicles to 2035, which is five years earlier than the current target of 2040.

     To help reach this new target, we ask government to:

2.     Provide a “Right to Charge”.

Owners and tenants of strata councils and multi-unit residential buildings do not have legal recourse if access to existing electric infrastructure or permission to install electric vehicle charging infrastructure is refused.

By providing a “Right to Charge”, residents and tenants will be able to charge their Electric Vehicles at home and at work if reasonable charging solutions are available.

3.     Require all new construction (both residential and commercial) to enable ‘plug-and-go’ EV charging infrastructure. It is much less expensive to design and install EV charging infrastructure at the time a building is being constructed, as compared to retrofitting a building afterwards.  Requiring all of the wiring necessary for installing an Electric Vehicle Charging Station to be included in new buildings will make it less expensive and easier to subsequently install a charging station.