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EVs At Pender Island Fall Fair

EVs At Pender Island Fall Fair

EVs At Pender Island Fall Fair

By Gord A. Bailey

The Pender Leaf community would appreciate your presence at the Pender Island Fall Fair, August 22nd, 2015. The four or five Leaf or electric car owners on Pender Island will have designated parking for EVs only. We’d be delighted if you would like to join us. In the past, we have spent some time during the day with our vehicles speaking to people who are interested in Electric Vehicles. Although this is a somewhat informal way of generating interest and giving information to the public, it does provide the Pender Island community with some understanding of our vehicles and their zero emissions approach to automobile travel.
If you were to join us it would be very much appreciated. It is possible to get a BC Ferry at Swartz Bay at10:05 am arriving on Pender Island at 10:45 am. You could then return to Victoria at 5:20 pm.
We look forward to seeing you this weekend should this work for you.
Sincerely, Gordon Bailey

Past fun some idea what is to come :)

Pictures by Manfred Wissemann


Enjoy the beauty of country life for a day


Pender Island Fair the best of all agricultural products.


Number one, with the number one 2011 car of the year in the world.


No one will stay hungry very long at the Pender Island Beer Garden.

Note: EV rides may be provided.

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