EV Revolution Spreading To Gold River

EV Revolution Spreading To Gold River

EV Revolution Spreading To Gold River


One of our members visited Gold River, BC last summer and left our club  card. I suspect it was Herald and his  canine friend.

I think that may be me. I was looking, as I recall, for a bank machine, and noticed that he was closing shop. I approached, and I believe he brought up the Leaf (electric vehicles) discussion. In any case, I told him about our club, gave the email etc. My reward: he and his wife presented me with a tray of FOUR huge cinnamon buns. Believe me, next morning around 5 a.m. when we were about to drive down to our MV Uchuck III  adventure, on a cold, wet and foggy coastal BC day, we really appreciated having had those very buns warmed in a microwave at our hotel.

P.S. I keep meaning to write about our Leaf excursion to Gold River.

Terrance Berscheid, VA7TB  ( Terrance is our top forum poster with 187 posts, remarkable )


Thank you Terrance for spreading the EV revolution into Gold River: 4 h 24 min (352.5 km) via Trans-Canada Hwy/BC-1 N and BC-19 N Plus charging time. What a road trip :)

We received an email from Henry Fossen requesting our help with a charging station in Gold River. I just finished an interview with him and I am totally amazed what that one card inspired in Gold River. Henry said he will be buying a LEAF for his son first to commute to school and travel to Campbell River about 50 km away. I assured him we would work to help connect him to the rest of BC with Fast Chargers in Campbell River. Henry also made photo copies of his one card and distributed them to the Chamber of Commerce, local City Councillors and encouraging them to install charging stations to attract tourists.

Henry is now working with our club and Rob of Sun Country Highway to install a level 2 charging station at his restaurant. Henry and Susanne are the owners of Eagle’s Wing Cafe and featuring the greatest cinnamon buns on Vancouver Island.

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We were also talking about the $15,000 starting cost of a LEAF and in addition the $3,250 he would receive for his old gas car from the BC Scrap-it program. Dealers may consider this a VEVC first contact but must first wait for official confirmation notice.

Henry and Susanne will be able to display our ECO AWARD CERTIFICATE in their Cafe and I will personally meet  them to support their efforts in introducing sustainable energy to the Gold River community. Electric cars and solar charging may become the next big thing in Gold River.We will support the community by giving a video presentation and panel discussion.

We are hoping for about 100 to be registered. For every person contacting us first and resulting in a sale, the club will put up to $200 towards new charging stations to be installed in a location of their choice. Recreation centres, parks etc… For terms and conditions, contact the club.


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You may see all of them in Gold River next year.

Ecoshow March 2014 10

Ed Knaggs (left) HES solar engineer and VEVC president Fred Wissemann (right).