EV Myths #2 “Electric Vehicles won’t work because they don’t have the range for Canadian drivers.” 

EV Myths #2 “Electric Vehicles won’t work because they don’t have the range for Canadian drivers.” 

Sure, who hasn’t heard this one, but is it true for most people and most of the time? 

Let’s look at the daily requirements- commuting and shopping. 

According to Statistics Canada, the vast majority Canadians (eighty percent) have roundtrip commutes of just over 17 kilometers a day while the remaining twenty percent travelled further with an average roundtrip of eighty kilometers. Shopping for daily necessities is usually accomplished in this total. 

Now can electric vehicles available on the market today fulfill this need?  

Well, the ranges of the popular Nissan LEAF (240 Km) and Chevy Bolt (almost 400 Km) can meet the range requirements of even the longer last 20 percent of daily drives, and that is regardless of adverse weather conditions. Oh, and save you 90 percent in “fuel” costs while they are at it. 

“What about car trips to visit family, or tour our great country- can an EV handle that?” 

OK; you live in Vancouver and have family in Calgary- about 1000 kilometers and 10 hard hours of driving away (85 percent of trips by car are less than this, but this is a good stretch).  Driving the LEAF, you would likely charge up six times.   

That fits neatly into safe driving recommendations that one rest after every two hours on the road. Half an hour of charging gives time for a bio-break, food, and short stroll to get your circulation going. 

Other EVs would do this trip in fewer charges- the Model 3 Long Range, and Hyundai Ionic 5, could do the run to Calgary in three shorter charges. But, just as one should in a gas vehicle, you would want to stop more often for your own safety and enjoyment.  Once again, your trip “fuel” costs would be significantly less- $84 in direct current fast charger fees vice $172 for the average gas vehicle. 

Thus, the answer is “Yes an EV can meet your daily and travel needs, for far less, even here in Canada.” 

So, this myth is BUSTED.  See you next time….