Electric Cars For Every One

Electric Cars For Every One

Electric Cars For Every One


Today’s VLC executives in serious discussion over pre-wired EV chargers for new homes in all of Greater Victoria. Jim Hindson has taken on that task and you may follow his VLC forum reports. VLC EV owners will be notified.

Jim Henshaw, Royals Event Organizer, explained how the Royals event will differ from last years event.
The Royals have ask us to come back next year. Last year’s was a sell out with 6600 Hockey fans attending; However many hundreds came just to see our electric car show. Ticked purchasing opportunities will be available soon.
This will be the first VLC event of 2015.
Jim Henshaw will release full details in the near future.


Judith Collington, Colwood Councilor & Lorne Argyle – Esquimalt “Celebration of Lights” are discussing the featured location of the VLC.The Municipality of Esquimalt will bring their LEAF. Many local bands will be playing at the show giving our Director of Performing Arts “Jim Hill” a chance just to relax.


What happend here? Rolf Oetter Passed out? What has he been drinking? :)
Could not have been gas car fumes as there were only electric cars on the RBB parking lot.- Well, a couple of gas cars :( Can you spot Rolf’s beautiful TESLA in the picture below? Arno Keinnonen just has to have one, after seeing his.
Arno said: “Linda and I will be a two electric car family soon.No more gas cars!”:)
Arno you are an example for every one. Dump the gas cars!Great!


Marc Semail what was Jim doing? Looks like he is giving Jim his blessing. Joansie gets it. Laughing her head off. Bryan Haugh & David Groves, were discussing chain charging, I think. Please put that discussion on our forum.