Electric Car and Solar Charging Review

Electric Car and Solar Charging Review

By Manfred Wissemann

Electric Car Solar Charging has a nice ring to it. Victoria LEAF Club partnering with Solar Colwood made sure, every one noticed our wonderful display;
Hot Water Solar for the whole Victoria Capital Region. Grants for Home Owners.

Our combined team:
Judith, Micheal, Glenys, Bob, Harold, Marc, Thomas, Bruce and Fred were at hand to answer EV and solar systems questions.

The review was carried out by our visitors with questions such as: ” How do you switch over to gas?” The winning question: ” How far can the car go on one charge?” And of course: ” How long does the Battery last”? An old time favorite. lol
People still have to come to terms with the fact, that an EV
can travel without an ICE. Yes, the battery. The battery will last longer
than it takes to pay for a new one in ” gas ” savings. “How much does your ICE car pay you in savings?” That question was confusing to most people. You know the ICE car needs gas as we need oxygen. Our EV only need sunshine and away we go. Well, – naturally a few solar panels as well.

Most encouraging: Many folks did decide to put an end to their addiction of oil and buy a fully electric car, solar systems and hot water solar.

Some knew of the e smart and MiEV most liked the LEAF, but would buy a TESLA “S” if they could afford one.

Electric Car and Solar Charging under Review
Electric Car and Solar Charging under Review