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360 Video – Bill Gates in a Tesla Model X

360 Video – Bill Gates in a Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

360 Interactive Video – Tesla Model X with Bill Gates

Bill Lambert, Electrek, May 17, 2016

It looks like billionaire Bill Gates is now driving a Tesla Model X.  The 360 interactive video gives an interesting look at the Model X – I suggest looking up at the panoramic windshield which is particularly cool with the 360° video. You can watch the full video on Gates’s website. Try moving the image while the video plays to tilt the image up and all around.



One of Gates’ new book recommendation is Neal Stephenson’s most recent novel, Seveneves.

He invited the author to talk about his latest book and the two released a video of their conversation while driving in a new Tesla Model X.

“Neal, who lives in Seattle, was nice enough to meet up so we could talk about his work—and he patiently helped make this virtual-reality film of our conversation. It’s the first of a series of VR movies I’ll be releasing on TGN.”



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