Committee Recruiting Update

Committee Recruiting Update

As many of you are aware, the Victoria Electric Vehicle Club has begun a recruitment campaign to encourage members to participate in the goals of the association. In fact the initial response has been so good that our Research and Government Engagement Committees are already full of talented volunteers.

But we still need a few more interested individuals for the remaining three committees A breakdown of the initiatives being embarked upon follows.

The Victoria Electric Vehicle Club’s Purpose, per our 2016 constitution, is to:
– promote the adoption of 100% electric vehicles;
– promote the adoption of solar power;
– promote, educate, encourage, develop and support the use of electric vehicles;
– represent the membership in all matters in which they are generally interested; and advocate to industry, government, agencies, and other bodies, on matters which impact and interest the members.

To execute our Association’s Purpose in an effective manner, the VEVC is forming Member Committees each with a specific role and Aim. Each will have a reporting Chair and as many other members as required to work the various actions to achieve that Aim.

Members may belong to more than one Committee as long as they remain effective to each committee they join. The Chair of each Committee will report their activity to the Board of Directors on an ongoing basis, seek direction or further authority as required from the Board, and brief the membership at each AGM or as requested by the President, Vice-President and Board.

Member Committees are intended to access the wider knowledge and efforts of the Membership and not just the Board.

Three Membership Committees are still waiting to be filled. If one or more are of interest to you, please respond to this email with the name(s) of the groups you’d like to join.

Public Engagement (PE)-​ this Membership Committee’s Aim is public outreach activities through face-to-face gatherings, such as ‘Coffee Chats’, engaging the public through the association’s internet site, running a fairly ‘open’ presence on social media platforms, parades, car shows (etc, including merchandising). Their mission is to educate and engage the public at large as well as the media and maintain contact with the association’s membership.

Business Engagement (BE) -​ this Membership Committee’s Aim is both written and face to face engagement with businesses on Vancouver Island where association research can be used to encourage the supporting EV ecosystems for transport/heating/power generation in BC as well as conversion/purchase of EVs for business use. The key activity of this Committee is the interaction with businesses currently operating EVs, forming a Business EV support group, and working sample business cases for interested companies.

Non-Governmental Engagement (NGE) -​ this Membership Committee’s Aim is both written and face to face engagement with non-governmental organizations that impact the EV/Energy sphere. As such this MC will need a capability for research assimilation, and effective communication with like-minded associations/clubs and NGOs. Examples are EMOTIVE BC, Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association (VEVA), Richmond EV(?), Sierra Club Canada, BC Sustainable Energy Association (BCSEA) as well as others.

We hope you will join us in one or more of these activities.