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Clubhouse Search

Back in 2012, when the first incarnation of the Victoria EV Club formed, owners of electric cars gathered at Colwood’s Royal Bay Bakery, turning it into an unofficial clubhouse. There were pictures of club events on the walls, information on electric cars and invariably EVs on the lot and owners who’d stopped for a sandwich or sunshine cookie willing to share what they themselves were learning about entering a zero emission future.

And now, former Royal Bay Bakery owner and current VEVC VP and Board Chair, David Grove, is searching for a new place for the club to call home.

The plan is to find a vacant commercial space in the Capitol Regional District that can become our base for weekly coffee chats, special events, board meetings and community outreach. We see this as a place where local politicians and potential EV owners can find us and EV owners with a couple of hours on their hands can be available to spread the message on what we do.

Since we don’t have a lot of spare cash, we’re hoping to find a location with a landlord who’d just like to be relieved of the burden of hydro and property taxes while gaining a vibrant and energetic group of early adopters who can bring it back to life — while drawing new (and often well-heeled) customers to the neighborhood.

So if you own such a property or know where one exists that has a little parking,  a spot to put in a charging station and maybe enough room to squeeze in an EV we want to show off now and then along with a boardroom table and comfy chairs for guests, please drop the club an email or collar David at next week’s AGM.

We might even be able to take grandma’s couch and those old issues of MAD Magazine off your hands…