Circle May on Your Event Calendar

Circle May on Your Event Calendar

There’s a major event coming to Victoria and the South Island for ten days in May as the Victoria Electric Vehicle Club launches its first all-electric road rally.

For 10 days, beginning May 17th and concluding Sunday May 26, entered owners of EVs will criss-cross the South Island, visiting a myriad of destinations that will qualify them for great prizes as well as helping them meet new friends within the electric car community.

For a small entry fee, drivers will receive some free swag and directions to their first of dozens of possible destinations. Some will be familiar places or mark key moments in the island’s adoption of electric cars. Others will take you where you’ve never been before.

Whatever you drive, whatever your range or speed of travel, you’ll have a chance to experience your EV and Island home in ways you never imagined.

Stay tuned as details roll out by way of club emails, our weekly coffee mixers, this web site and our Facebook page.