Charging the NRC of Canada

Charging the NRC of Canada

Charging the NRC of Canada

Federal Government’s Support for a Canada Wide Electric EV Infrastructure

VLC is proud to announce, on behalf of it’s members, the commissioning of a “Sun Country Charging Station” Donated by Sun Country and Victoria Leaf Club.

We are very pleased to have received full support from all NRC staff of our local Saanich Observatory
to make this come to fruition.

A special thanks to our VLC member Dr. Lisa Locke, Microwave and mm-wave astronomy instrumentation engineer, PhD industry Aviation & Aerospace, who has been the driving force to get this new Charging station installed.

Our successful effort to provide the means to charge at work will enable many of 100 NRC federal employees to contribute to a healthy environment by acquiring an electric car and some have already decided to do so.

Manfred Wissemann, VLC President
Victoria BC