Canadians Are Making Tesla Smarter

Canadians Are Making Tesla Smarter

How many times have you left on a road trip with the nagging thought that you’ve forgotten to turn off the lights or a burner on the stove? How often have you rolled home from a winter vacation wondering if the house will be warm enough when you get there?

If you’re driving a Tesla, you can now turn those worries over to your car.

Ottawa based Evolved Automotive Environments has introduced a product called “Connect” which integrates Tesla’s onboard systems with smart home platforms Wink, Nest, SmartThings, Bosch, Home-Connect and Insteon, making the car capable of managing more than 400 devices remotely.

The system alerts your car when you’re getting close to home and then automatically sets the temperature, opens the garage door and turns on the lights. Users can also have the system access with their online calendar, email, notes, an RSS reader and more.

Although currently only available to Tesla owners, EVE expects to make “Connect” compatible for other EV manufacturers soon.

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