BC Government Funds for Electric Fleets

BC Government Funds for Electric Fleets

BC Funds Electric Fleet Operators

BC funds electric fleet operators

The Province is providing $600,000 under the Clean Energy Vehicle (CEV) Program to encourage and accelerate the use of electric vehicles in British Columbia’s public and private fleets and reduce greenhouse gases.

British Columbia has the largest public charging infrastructure network in Canada, as well as the highest per capita adoption of electric vehicles. This latest investment represents a continuation of B.C.’s leadership in climate action.

John Martin, MLA for Chilliwack, and Laurie Throness, MLA for Chilliwack-Hope, made the announcement today at an electric vehicle car rally in Chilliwack that was held to launch two new fast charging stations in the Fraser Valley Regional District (FVRD) and promote the use of electric vehicles (EVs). Since 2013, the FVRD has installed five charging stations and added two EVs to its fleet.

The Fleet Champions Program (FCP) will provide financial incentives, training and education, business support and technical assistance to help fleet operators add EVs, including:

  • Incentives of 33% of the total cost up to $2,000 for the purchase and installation of Level 2 charging stations in fleet parking areas.
  • Education and training seminars, webinars and workshops for fleet managers and staff to provide information regarding EV benefits, guides and operational requirements.
  • Support for fleets to develop, as necessary, the business case for adding EVs, including infrastructure installation.
  • A dedicated website with information and tools for any fleets in B.C. interested in adopting EVs.

Electric vehicles are well suited to fleets. They offer high fuel economy and stable fuel costs, reduced vehicle maintenance and reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and fleet EVs can use centralized charging stations at fleet parking lots.

Under the Province’s CEV Program, public and private fleets are also eligible for point-of-sale incentives of up to $5,000 for the purchase or lease of a new battery electric or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle.

The FCP will be managed on behalf of the Province by the Fraser Basin Council.

The Province introduced the CEV Program in 2011 and has since committed more than $31 million to encourage British Columbians to choose clean, green vehicles and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Adding electric vehicles is a great way for fleets to reduce their fuel and vehicle maintenance costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and EVs offer an unparalleled quiet and responsive ride for workers who spend a lot of time on the road. Our new Fleet Champions Program will provide business, technical and financial incentives to help fleet operators make the move to clean, green electric vehicles.

– Bill Bennett, Minister of Energy and Mines

Congratulations to the Fraser Valley Regional District for your commitment to clean energy vehicles and cleaner air. With the installation of five public charging stations to date and the addition of electric vehicles to your fleet, you’re setting a great example. With our Fleet Champions Program, the Province is providing resources to encourage other local governments and businesses to charge up their vehicle fleets and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

– John Martin, MLA, Chilliwack

Expanding public charging infrastructure and encouraging fleets to adopt electric vehicles are key pieces of the Province’s Clean Energy Vehicle Program. With 98% of the electricity generated in B.C. coming from clean or renewable resources, stimulating the purchase of electric vehicles is one of the most effective ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and ensure British Columbia remains a climate action leader.

– Laurie Throness, MLA, Chilliwack-Hope

Fleets in B.C. are known to be early adopters of green technologies, including electric vehicles. The Fleet Champions Program will help those who manage B.C.’s private and public sector fleets integrate more electric vehicles into their operations, reinforcing a tradition of innovation and leadership on the Pacific Coast.

– David Marshall, executive director, Fraser Basin Council

Quick Facts:

  • A special decal to allow electric vehicles to travel in high occupancy vehicles (HOV) lanes in B.C. has already been issued to more than 1,000 electric vehicle owners in the province since March 2, 2016.
  • Each electric vehicle on the road in B.C. displaces four tonnes of CO2 annually.
  • At COP 21 in Paris, British Columbia became the 14th member of the Zero Emission Vehicle Alliance, joining leading jurisdictions such as Germany, the United Kingdom and West Coast partners California and Oregon in a commitment to accelerate the global transition to zero-emission vehicles.

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