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BC Climate Action Plan VEVC Consultations

BC Climate Action Plan VEVC Consultations

BC Climate Action Plan VEVC Consultations

Victoria EV Club recently consulted with other stakeholders for the  BC’s Climate Leadership Team.

This conference was held Wednesday March 23 at 11:30 a.m. in downtown Victoria to discuss the following recommendations to be enacted by the federal and provincial governments.

  1. Increase charging stations to meet public demand,  as well as an exemption to private charging station owners to charge for electricity providing the means of re-capture charging station investments.
  2. Reinstate charging station grants to home owners, condominiums and strata and commercial providers.
  3. Provide charging stations on street parking areas to allow apartment dwellers and the public a place to charge.
  4. Provide $50 million for a 25% solar system grant on private homes as well as all other sustainable energy upgrades.
  5. Replace all diesel and gas public transport buses and provincial government fleets, starting with our premier’s limousine, by electric ones
  6. Give awards to car dealers and sales associates for selling zero emission vehicles.
  7. Start educating our children from elementary school and higher grade levels and introduce a sustainable energy curriculum.
  8. Strive to achieve the Paris ZEV accord.