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Available EVs in Canada

Available EVs in Canada

February 26, 2017

from KootenayEVFamily.ca

Editor’s note: Many thanks to KootenayEVFamily.ca for compiling this accurate and extensive list of Canadian EVs and allowing us to share it with our membership.

This page contains a list of available plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) and battery electric vehicles (BEVs) for Canada, and a preview for any that have been confirmed as coming to Canada within the coming year.  The PHEV/BEV market is still quite young in Canada, and some manufacturer’s are selling many more vehicles than others.  The ‘modern’ era of EV/PHEVs began circa 2010, so a number of the vehicles below (in particular the Leaf and Volt) can be found used now.  Here is the report for 2015 sales in Canada and 2016 sales.

In the West Kootenay’s, I am aware of 2 5 Nissan LEAFs (total including mine; 1 more joined the crowd in 2016, and 2 more in early 2017!), several Volts, 2 Model S, and one Smart fortwo ED.

2017 appears to be the year of longer-range EVs; numerous models are joining the market around 200 km of range, and one new car has set a high bar, the Chevy Bolt with over 380 km of range!

I have driven a number of these vehicles on the list – feel free to ask me directly for further impressions if you wish (including the LEAF, Model S, Volt and C-Max).

Last updated February 2017 (added 2016 sales report, added VW e-Golf [new] Kia Niro PHEV [coming soon], updated info on IONIQ, Bolt, Tesla, Pacifica, Prius PRIME).


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