Solar Energy
Australia offers $5,000 for sustainable power incentives

Australia offers $5,000 for sustainable power incentives

Watch how examples of solar panel and battery systems can provide a 24/7 sustainable power solution for homes and businesses.

There’s a power revolution heading for our homes – a device that allows you to take power into your own hands – batteries – and they’ve been called the holy grail of renewables – the key to the transition away from fossil fuels.

Batteries are the missing link in renewable 24-hour power – they smooth out the grid, store excess power and rapidly release power when needed.  They are part of the revolution to make renewable power become 24-hour power.

Adelaide, Australia is offering the following sustainable incentives to promote solar energy adoption including:

  • $5,000 for installing solar photovoltaic
  • $5,000 for installing energy storage
  • $500 per electric vehicle-charging controller
  • $5,000 for apartment building energy efficiency upgrades
  • $1,000 for changing quartz halogen downlights to LED

Josh Byrne, environmental scientist at Curtin University’s Sustainability Policy Institute (CUSP), built his home with solar panels and battery banks so his family can collect and store solar energy for use any time.  Excess power is sold to the grid, beneficial when the night time grid rate of 28 cents/kWh is four times the daytime power rate.

Costs?  The video quotes a 7kW battery and inverter in Australia run less than $10k.  A Tesla Powerwall 7kW runs for $3k (US), so it’s worth it to investigate.

Residents outside the city that fear bush fires are setting up their own solar panel and battery systems not only to ensure their own supply of power but also to supply the grid during times of emergencies.