A Sign of the Times?

A Sign of the Times?

No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. That’s the Victoria EV Club’s first President Manfred Wissemann pulling into a PetroCanada station. We were wondering if the oil company’s new advertising campaign “Live by the Leaf” might be signalling a change to a zero-emission future. And we weren’t wrong…

PetroCanada is quietly rolling out Level 2 charging stations to its gas station locations across the country.

The first to arrive are five along the Trans-Canada highway between Kingston and London, Ontario.

And while no locations are currently listed in British Columbia, they can’t be far off. Because when you go to PetroCanada’s web page in search of the nearest coffee top up, lottery ticket or pepperoni stick, there’s now a box you can check to find an EV charger.

Can Petro Points for free car washes be far behind?