A Million Pounds in Fuel Savings

A Million Pounds in Fuel Savings

Video link provided by Steve Odell of Check Auto Sales

Nissan’s market-leading electric LEAF vehicles have now clocked up in excess of three million miles as taxis in the UK.

The time to act is now!

Soon the days of polluting power plants will be a thing of the past making electric cars the logical choice to revolutionize the transportation industry.

The UK is doing remarkably well by utilizing electric vehicles to realize savings through the use of sustainable energy. Electric powered taxis and buses are still very much lacking in our beautiful province. It is high time we replace mass transit with cleaner technology sooner rather than later.

My question to you is: “When are you going to get an electric car and replace your second gas or diesel car with an electric one?” I asked this very question to a gentleman last week and he said, “I am quite comfortable in my car.” My answer, “Nice, but you are still using fossil fuels.”

I think most people are just too comfortable. If they can make the small but significant change to an electric car it will pay you, your children and your children’s children back in gas savings and help save the planet.

I have said this many times before and I strongly believe we must remove our dependency on oil for a better future for humanity, that alone is well worth it. Thanks to the UK, Norway, Morocco, France and our home province of British Columbia for starting to adopt better environmental policies.

We must continue to push for the elimination of all our fossil-fueled buses, taxis, and government vehicles in order to say; “Yes, we actually mean what we say.” Million of jobs are being created in the sustainable energy field. So should we be encouraging the development of natural gas in British Columbia? Let’s pay taxi drivers to convert their cars to electric and our transportation system to adopt to 100% electric. Health cost savings alone will pay for it in the long run.

Let’s accelerate the rEVolution today!