$8250 Electric Car Incentives

$8250 Electric Car Incentives

$8250 Electric Car Incentives


Rendering polluting cars harmless

As President of the Victoria LEAF Club and on behalf of our 450 electric car owners and advocates I congratulate our BC government under the leadership of our Honourable Christy Clark, Premier of British Columbia for having re-introduced the electric car incentive grant and much more. VLC called for $8000 by appealing to our BC government on the 18th of February 2014 as well as many other organizations.
New electric car buyers will be able to receive up to $8250 as of 1 April 2015.

$3250 in the Scrap-it program may be applied to a used electric car. A used electric car costing $20,000 now can be purchased for only $16,750 and never to buy gas again. However, special Nissan LEAF discounts will further reduce the new car price by about $3,750.
A new Nissan LEAF costing $33,888 now take a huge $12,000 off
will now only cost $21,888 plus tax. A new Nissan LEAF is now affordable.
To scrap your old car is the best way to stop the use of fossil fuels right now! And get paid doing so in gas savings.
I like to thank the energy minister Bill Bennett and all hard working secretariats who helped
re-instate and improve the electric vehicle incentive grant including the Scrap-it program.

Manfred Wissemann

Check TV on new electric car incentives.