2013 General Meeting at Rumrunner Pub & Restaurant

2013 General Meeting at Rumrunner Pub & Restaurant

Dear VLC Members,

VLC has made our GM very special and very interesting.

I hope you all will stop by for a good pint and a very delicious meal. VLC members always enjoy getting together in style. Rumrunner Pub is a very special place in Sidney. Next to the Pub on the second floor is our Executive boardroom provided by Dave Kenway, Shipstone Energy Corporation.

Your President Fred Wissemann will be the chair person for the evening. We will have a very busy agenda. We will start with the election of VLC officers. Every one will maintain their position unless challenged, followed by a vote. Should take about 3 minutes.

There are a few very important projects the VLC will undertake. An agenda below will detail them. VLC is very interested in new ideas from you, the members, leading to more carbon credits.


Friday October 11, 2013. 6PM-9:30PM


Rumrunner Pub & Restaurant
9881 Seaport Place
Sidney, BC


6 – 7:30 Wine and Dine at at the Rumrunner Pub

7:00 Comedian Rian Kelly on tour from Ireland has agreed to perform for us. Yes, we will have to pay him ! Yes, it is free to you. Well, Rian is on tour, but his Grandfather came from

7:30 “About us” Written by Thomas Pedersen.

Dr. Thomas F. Pedersen

Executive Director

Dr. Thomas Pedersen was appointed Executive Director of the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions beginning September 1, 2009. His previous positions included Dean of Science (2003-2009), Professor of Oceanography and Director of the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences at the University of Victoria (2002-2003),

VLC President will make the presentation should Tom not be able to attend.

7:30 Election of Executive officers, details below.

7:33 “Royals Project” Presentation by our Project Coordinator Jim Henshaw

7:50 Royals Artist and Darren will both attend our GM meeting with a presentation??

8:00 Mathew Monast, Professional Website Developer, will activate and explain our new VLC website .

8:15 Judith Cullington, Solar Colwood City Councilor & Micheal Baxter, Eng. How to apply for a grant anywhere in greater Victoria and when.

9:00 Presented by Ed Knaggs, Eng. A pay increase to home owners from Hydro? How to read a revenue meter. Channel one and two. Do it yourself, bulk purchase cost and installed complete micro unit price.

9:10 Julian Sale, Auto Direct Sydney BC: Why we should have a bulletin board on our website.

9:15 Andrew Mackintosh, Campus Nissan Sales Associate : Report on future availability in Victoria concerning the 2013/14 What is new on the 2014. Take Questions.

9:30 Adjourn