Electric Vehicles
2011 LEAF Then and 2016 Now

2011 LEAF Then and 2016 Now

2011 LEAF Then and 2016 Now

2011 LEAF:

This video was filmed by Jim Henshaw in 2011 and it shows the first Electric car adopters in our Victoria area. It also gives an insight to how our Victoria LEAF Club, now Victoria Electric Vehicle Club (VEVC), was founded. All of the original members are still with us and very active in promoting “zero emission“.

Zero emission is fast becoming BC Premier Christy Clark’s favourite focus key word. “New cars zero emission by 2050.” This will only happen if the good policies of “Scrap-it” and “incentive grants” receive continued funding until at least 2025.

The scrap-it allowance should be increased to $4,ooo plus $500 from dealers, Incentive grants should be increased to $6,500 in order to reach  global warming Paris pledges as soon as possible.

The government should lead by example and start eliminating government gas and diesel vehicles, starting with the Premier’s car. I think our Honorable Premier Christy Clark would look just fine in a new Tesla Model X. It really would make a point of commitment to zero emission to see our BC banner on a zero emission limousine.


2016 LEAF:

The RED FERRET does an excellent job reviewing the new 2016 NISSAN LEAF with its new 30 kW/hr battery pack. New VEVC members have reported unbelievable deals on the 2015 LEAF receiving $11,000  with  Scrap-it putting the 2016 a step back. You remember Marti? He bought a 2012 LEAF with 4,000 km on it for $20,000. He has already upgraded to a 2015 receiving a $10,000 reduction. I am waiting for the 2016 to go on sale next year. I am ready to buy that one. Love to have that 155 mile range.:)