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10 Word Change to Accelerate EV Infrastructure

10 Word Change to Accelerate EV Infrastructure

10 Word By-law Change to Accelerate EV infrastructure

A Letter to BC Municipalities

Jim Hindson, VEVC Board Member


March 4, 2016

In order to increase the adoption rate of electric vehicles and to avoid costly retrofits to buildings and properties in the future, regulatory requirements for off street electric vehicle infrastructure are needed and are being actively sought by progressive municipalities.

In British Columbia, the statutory authority for municipalities to regulate land use is provided for under Part 14, Division 13, and Section 525 of the Local Government Act – “Other Land Use Regulation Powers.”

Just a 10 word change to Section 525 would empower BC municipalities, at their own initiative and pace, to regulate requirements for zero emission vehicle infrastructure using the framework of their zoning bylaws. This existing process would ensure full consultation with all stakeholders including builders and developers as well as allowances for variances.

The revised section 525 Subsection 1 (a) and (b) would read (changes in underlined italics)

  1. A local government may, by bylaw, do the following:
    1. require owners or occupiers of any land, or of any building or other structure, to provide off-street parking and loading spaces, including spaces for use by disabled persons, and zero emission vehicles.
      1. for the building or other structure, or
      2. for the use of the land, building or other structure;
    2. establish design standards for spaces required under paragraph (a), including standards respecting the size, surfacing, lighting, and numbering of the spaces, and infrastructure requirements for zero emission vehicles.

Although there is currently no conflict with the Building Act, if a clarifying provision were needed it could be added to Section 5 of the Building Act with wording to the effect that:

  • “Nothing in this Section 5 shall prohibit municipalities from enacting local bylaws to regulate requirements for Zero Emission Vehicle infrastructure”  or
  • “Notwithstanding Section 5, municipalities may regulate local requirements for Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure under the Local Government Act.”

For further information, including a model municipal bylaw please contact me at jhindson@telus.net.



Jim Hindson