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Oak Bay Marina Brunch Report

November 4, 2012

By Fred Wissemann

Six 100% Electric Cars , 11 Leaf owners and 2 Guests gathered at the Oak Bay Marina Restaurant to just relax and

have fun enjoying a scrumptious Seafood Brunch; However, it did not take very long to turn into a working brunch and many suggestions on how the Ministry of Environment can help to provide a better EV infrastructure and creating it as a revenue stream for the Province as well as creating thousands of new jobs and new frequent washroom facilities along BC highways.

We discussed on how we can change the Gas Car Culture to a

Leading, Environmentally Friendly, Affordable Family car by education, starting at the elementary school level.

By Dave Grove

Royal Bay Bakery, Colwood

Our discussions with Karthik focused largely on general issues pertaining to EV charging infrastructure as in: why don't businesses latch on more quickly and why is government seemingly ahead of the private sector on this one. I think business doesn't see the money in it -- perhaps because its a more hidden marketing benefit right now.
Conferences are often technical in nature and may benefit from more general life-experience type info such as our group developes.

Sheryl & Bruce " Life on Pender Island "

Sun Country Highway invades Colwood, BC – a City poised for success!

Sun Country Highway, June 29, 2012

On June 16th, Sun Country Highway attended Colwood's Sun Fest on Vancouver Island to showcase the latest in EV innovation and infrastructure.


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