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 Brain's 1 year driving record and fuel savings.
I've had my leaf for 1 year now and thought you might be interested  in my stats.  I drove 16,500 kilometers and used 1870 KWH @ 9 cents per  (that's calculated by  my total electrical bill divided by the KWH)  for a total fuel bill for the year of $168 or $14 per month.  I saved 2630 KG of CO2 from our atmosphere and averaged 7.7 K / KWH.  Our second vehicle is a Volkswagen  diesel which is one of the most fuel efficient cars you can buy and does get 55 MPG but even with that efficiency I saved $1300 by driving the leaf and that would have been over $2000 saved if I drove with an average car.  There is no reduction in battery  capacity that |I can determine.  I still drive  to my usual destination and still have the same number of bars remaining and that's with charging the car at least 6 days every week.   Hopefully others will publish their results as the 1 year anniversaries come up.

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Mileage to date and range economy

my Data:

According to Carwings my leaf’s stats to date are:

2011 1,014 km 5.3 km/kWh

2012 11,738 km 6.2 km/kWh

2013 1,750 km 5.5 km/kWh

Total 14,492 according to Carwings

Total 18,400 according to the Odometer. The difference is because I do not press the accept button before I start to drive. Often I am on the blue tooth while I back up and don’t see the screen until I finish the phone call. Sometimes I just forget for a few blocks or kilometers.

In December I calculated my first year for my newsletter..

One Year 100% Electric

It has been one year since I started driving the "No Gas" Nissan Leaf. The road side assistance package that comes with the car does include towing if you run out of "juice" but so far I have not had occasion to use the service. Nor have I had to plug in anyplace except my home filling station. There are more and more places to charge up around town and across the country but for my everyday needs the 169 km range (more like 120km the way I drive) is enough to get me through the day and then home again. I have not ventured on any cross country trips as our Volvo wagon is the vehicle of choice for travelling with two golden retrievers. For me, it is a great city car that is very comfortable for 4 people (5 as long as I'm not in the back) and a lot of fun to drive.

Year One by the numbers

Distance Driven 14,949 Km

Electricity used 2,381 KWh

Cost of Electricity $240

Cost per Km driven 1.6¢

CO2 Tailpipe Reduction 2,727 kilos

Yearly Operation Costs $93.00

My first year numbers are arrived at by taking the data from Carwings & adding the same costs for the extra actual miles. The leaf has been everything I expected and more. It is an in and around town vehicle for me. Most of my driving for Real Estate is by myself but when I have clients they are always impressed by the comfort, performance & finish of the car.

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